Parents have a fundamental right to be involved in their child’s education.

Parent/Teacher communication will be regular, and when necessary. Teachers will notify parents of any change in a child’s attitude, behaviour or work patterns when such signs are obvious. Communications will be formal and informal, positive and constructive.


The fortnightly school newsletter is available online on the school’s website.

Usernames and passwords are available once your child begins school.  This is our official communication between home and school.  The newsletter contains important information, dates and special events.

The school also has a St Thomas More School app that can be downloaded from the app store on your phone and via the school website:

The newsletter is added to the Groups / Parent Portal section of the app each fortnight.  All families are required to download this app as this will be our means of contact in case of an emergency.

Each student is given a school diary to be used by parents and teachers as another form of regular communication.

Formal Communication

Conversations with Teachers

If you have any area of concern in regard to your child’s progress, the curriculum, school procedures or incidents at school, please refer these matters to the Class Teacher or the Principal.  An appointment time will be negotiated in order to give the time and attention required.

Reporting on Student Learning:

Reports / Parent-Teacher-Student Learning Conversations

Written reports are issued online at the end of Terms 2 and 4.

Parent-Teacher Learning Conversations are held twice yearly, with students involved in at least one of these conversations.

Student Support Group meetings (SSGs) are held each term to support the learning of Special Needs students.  This is a collaborative approach between Learning Diversity Leaders, teachers and parents.