Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we value the importance of physical activity and promote a healthy lifestyle in the students we teach.

 At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, we focus on the development of the fundamental movement skills and strategies.

We use purposeful physical activities based on the Bluearth philosophy, that engages every participant regardless of their abilities. By facilitating and valuing each person’s experience, we also develop “physical literacy” and personal motivations for lifelong active living.

Students participate in two sessions of sport per week, one with a specialist teacher and the other with their classroom teacher as part of the regular timetable.

Students engage in an annual swimming program offered at the Swim and Survival Academy.  This program aims to provide students with the basics in water safety and development in swimming skills.

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School offers students many and varied opportunities to engage in sporting events and competitions, including the school’s annual sports day, as well as after school competitions, interschool sports and tournaments, and local, district, regional and state events.



We believe the children should learn the skills associated with competence in outdoor activities and recognise the responsibilities as a member of the community.Activities suitable to the combined year levels, provide for the development of social interaction, co-operation, acceptance of others, individual responsibility, self esteem, self-reliance and self-discipline.



YEAR 3 and 4

Students attend an overnight camp.

YEAR 5 and 6

Students attend a three-day/ two-night camp.

Venue choices will take into account availability, distance to travel, particularly for the 3/4 students, and costs.