Languages- Japanese

Learning languages in addition to English extends student’s literacy repertoires and their capacity to communicate. It strengthens student’s understanding of the nature of language, culture, and the processes of communication – Victorian Curriculum, Languages.

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, students from F-6 participate in Japanese for 40 mins per week.

Japanese language is explored through a variety of speaking and listening activities designed to develop second language acquisition skills.  Students also begin to learn how to read and write Japanese script (hiragana) and basic characters (kanji), such as numbers.  They explore how the Japanese language works and how its structure differs from their own language.

Through the exploration of Japanese culture and society, students are encouraged to reflect on Australian culture and the similarities and differences between the two countries.

Students participate in ‘hands on’ activities such as Japanese collage, origami and calligraphy to enhance their appreciation of Japanese culture and language.  They also explore both traditional and modern day elements of Japan through whole school ‘Japan Day’ activities, cultural demonstrations, guest artists and Japanese visitors.