Integrated Inquiry

Inquiry-based learning enhances problem-solving skills through student-centred inquiry and research

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we offer an integrated approach that meets the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum for the subject areas of The Humanities (including Geography and Economics), Science, Civics and Citizenship, Personal and Social Capabilities, Ethical Capabilities and Critical and Creative Thinking. 

The contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to our culture and society is valued and evident in the units of work developed.

The integrated inquiry approach we have adopted ensures coverage of these subject areas over a two-year cycle (apart from the Foundation level), as recommended by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

All of the Integrated Inquiry Units have a very close connection to English, and the development of specific literacy skills relating to them.

The Arts (Visual Art and Performing Arts- music, dance and drama) and S.T.E.M (an integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and concepts) are offered through our Specialist Program, and where possible, links are made to the Integrated Inquiry Units.

 We have an inquiry approach to learning, evident within the context of Integrated Inquiry Units that are conceptually based. 

The key recurring concepts are:  rights and responsibilities, identity, culture, sustainability, change, diversity, systems, interdependence and energy.

 We explore ways to promote agency for our students, so that they are co-creators in the learning process.  Students are encouraged to pose questions, investigate topics, problems and/or issues that connect their learning to the 21st Century and real-life contexts.  This takes the students through a process of skill and knowledge growth, and is demonstrated in authentic actions.