Performing Arts

Performing Arts at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School encompasses the curriculum areas of Music, Dance and Drama and how these areas relate to performance.

Performing Arts allows students to experiment and immerse themselves in the world of story, music, drama and dance, it also assists with classroom learning to further develop critical thinking, creativity, imagination, reasoning and problem solving. At STMCPS, we are lucky enough to have a dedicated Performing Arts classroom in which we have the room to explore, move and interact freely.


Students are introduced to the purpose of acting and performance- to entertain, to persuade or to express a message or tell a story.

In order to explore these understandings, we focus on skills such as facial expression, body language, movement, exaggeration, voice variation, interaction with others, roles and characters, improvisation and interpretations of known texts or personal experiences


For the Dance aspect of Performing Arts, students explore dance and movement in many different ways. Students explore how to express their emotions through movement, music songs and actions the students are also given the opportunity to choreograph and make up their own dances. We analyse dance, discussing why people dance, its connection to story and our culture, the elements of dance and the correlation between acting and music and dance.


In the classroom students explore the elements of Music; beat, rhythm, pitch, melody and composition through singing, body percussion and movement. Students also experience a variety of instruments including keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, xylophones and percussion.

Students at St Thomas More will be able experience performance throughout the year in variety of ways including  school assemblies,  mass and liturgies and whole school concerts and performances. The Visual Arts and Music Programs also offer elective activities for students such as choir, band, and art club.  These activities are held during break times.