School Philosophy

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School draws on the Gospel values to build a learning environment where students feel valued and inspired to learn. We offer a quality-learning environment where each individual is supported to reach his or her potential. We create a vibrant, caring, Christ-centered Catholic community that works together to create a welcoming and stimulating educational environment.  Our school motto clearly captures this premise:

With God first, we will live, learn and thrive.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that all students can achieve success given sufficient time and support.  We believe that a focus on collaboration, learning and results are crucial in supporting students to achieve success in all facets of their school life. To support this understanding we have developed a mantra for all staff at our school:

“I commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve growth for all”.

By offering a rich curriculum, we nurture an enthusiasm for learning in our students and a belief that optimal achievements are possible.

The St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Learning and Teaching policy document clearly supports and gives evidence and life to our philosophy:

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a Professional Learning Community. The core elements guiding learning and teaching in a PLC school are ‘learning, collaboration and results’, built around and expanded through a Professional Learning Communities Learning Cycle.

It is our imperative to bring our mission, vision and motto to life by aligning our school community around collective commitments to this learning cycle in order to ‘propel learning forward’ (2015, Williams, K and Hierck, T. Starting a Movement p.93). This includes having high expectations for all based on individual needs and capabilities, monitored in and through differentiated contexts for learning. These contexts for learning include an adherence to guidelines for Learning Diversity.

The implementation of the Learning and Teaching Policy Guidelines, gives further evidence of the enactment of our underlying philosophy:

Learning and teaching at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School will ensure high levels of quality learning for all by:

  • Enacting the essential work of a PLC in all areas of learning and teaching:
  • Creating a collaborative culture
  • Clearly defining what every student needs to learn
  • Constantly measuring effectiveness
  • Systematically responding when students do and do not learn.
  • Ensuring that learning and teaching is relevant, authentic and invites students to have agency in their own learning.
  • Establishing and communicating learning goals for students, with students.
  • Providing all students with the opportunity to experience success in all curriculum areas.