The Arts

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, each child participates in an Arts program that facilitates learning and success in a creative way. The program is designed to give children the opportunity to explore their imaginative and creative selves, through creating, making, exploring and responding.

The Arts contributes to the development of confident and creative individuals and enriches Australian society. Students express, represent and communicate ideas in contemporary, traditional and emerging arts forms.

In Music students explore the performing arts whilst in Visual Arts students explore the world of visual representation and expression – Victorian Curriculum, The Arts

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, we offer an Arts Program where we aim to develop the creative potential of all students in a positive and supportive environment, where active participation is encouraged.

Students participate in weekly lessons for Visual Art and Music F-6.  The content and sequence of lessons is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

The Visual Arts Program has been designed to provide the sequential development of skills, techniques and processes based on the key elements and principles of art.  Students have the opportunity to build their own knowledge, skills and understanding in appreciation of their own and others’ artworks.

Students are encouraged to explore various ways of representing ideas and to reflect on cultural and social values.  The Visual Arts Program aims to provide a meaningful and creative experience to help in the development of the whole person, and increase an understanding and appreciation of how visual arts impact and reflect on them and the world they live in.

The specialist Music Program at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is inspired by the Musical Futures approach to music education.  This approach aims to increase student engagement in music by bringing their musical experiences and connections to the classroom.  Fundamentally, students play the music they love on instruments they see, hear and love.  During their time at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, students have the opportunity to learn ukulele, guitar, keyboard and drums/percussion – the basics of the modern band.  A school concert is held bi-annually providing all students with the opportunity to perform in front of different audiences. The school choir and band provide an extra avenue for students keen to perform.

The Visual Arts and Music Programs also offer elective activities for students such as choir, band, and drawing club.  These activities are held during break times.

A celebration of artworks and music is held with an ‘Art Show’ alternating with a school ‘Music Concert’ each year.