Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School provides a bright and welcoming space in which students learn and develop in meaningful and creative ways.

Students participate in weekly lessons that are designed to provide the sequential development of skills, techniques and processes based on the key elements and principles of art.  Students are encouraged and supported to use their imagination and take creative risks in order to develop their own knowledge, skills and understandings.

Students are encouraged to explore various ways of representing ideas and to reflect on cultural and social values in order to form an appreciation for the ways in which visual arts impact both themselves and the world around them.

Within Visual Arts lessons, students are given the opportunity to:

  • experiment using a variety of materials and techniques to create art.
  • investigate famous artists and art movements.
  • explore artworks and art processes from different times and cultures.
  • work both independently and collaboratively.

Art Club runs weekly over a break time.  This is open to all year levels.  Art Leaders (students) are chosen annually to support the running of the Art Club and the Visual Art program.